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Dear friends,

Despite of the big number of vacancies in division C, we have decided to stick to the original ICCF structure as much as possible. What we have done:

Division A - 2 groups of 11 - is complete

Division B - 4 groups of 11 - we have promoted 2 teams from division C based on FAQ 15 line "a"

Division C - 6 groups of 11 - we have promoted one team from division D based on FAQ 15 line "a"

Division D - 5 groups of 11 + 2 groups of 10

Fast Track - 2 groups of 7

Please consider helping us with the following:

  • We need 3, 4, or 5 teams in division D to switch from email to server play

Your quick responses (sent directly to me) will be very much appreciated! Also any questions, inquiries, suggestions should come directly to me. Thank you! Valer Eugen Demian

Email Valer Eugen Demian: vdemian at shaw dot ca (replace at with @ and dot with .)

27.10.2004 - One team in "B" changed to server play completing the server section, announcement updated
27.10.2004 - One team in "D" changed to server play.
26.10.2004 - Team Listings and announcement updated.
16.10.2004 - Team Listings updated. There are now 221 teams registered.
17.10.2004 - Team moved from "D" to "Fast Track"

Division A - 22 teams
2 groups of 11 teams

All games by email; not sufficient server entries.

1.Lithuania ChessClub BALTIJOS LYGA (LTU) - server
2.NSEL30 (LTU) - server
3.Margiris (LTU) - server
4.Alpine Rookies (AUT) - server
5.The Chessfriends (GER)
6.Chess Victory (RUS)
7.SF Gerresheim 1986 (GER)
8.ChessBaseUserClub (GER)
9.Rochade 5171 - Chess Composers (GER)
10.Rochade 5171 - Chess Connection (GER)
11.East Slovakia Chess (SVK)
12.Bashkir Chess (RUS)
13.Penelopa (POL)
14.White Bishop Chess Team (ITA)
15.Champagne Chess (FRA)
16.Latvian Gambit (LAT)
17.Polina (POL)
18.Safer Sacs Berlin (GER)
19.The Good Knights (GER)
20.La Dama Clavada (ARG)
21.Kings of TCCMB (USA)
22.Estonia (EST)

Division B - 44 teams
4 groups of 11 teams

1.Chess Crystals (RUS) - server
2.Imperium Szachow Wieruszow (POL) - server
3.Roszada - Polska (POL) - server
4.Chess Mail Unicorns (IRL) - server
5.Forster SC 95 (GER) - server
6.Chess Rubbers (GER) - server
7.SK Essen Holsterhausen (DE) - server
8.Ratinger SK (GER) - server
9.The Beatles (DE) - server
10.The Trojan Knights (ENG) - server
11.Grupo de Xadrez do Porto (POR) - server

12.CCI 1 Wiesbaden (GER)
13.HSG Uni Rostock (GER)
14.Petrochess (RUS)
15.SV Signal-Iduna (GER)
16.Novokuznetsk (RUS)
17.International Bishops - CC Team (AUT)
18.Blue Team (ITA)
19.Vesuvian Chess Team (ITA)
20.Chess Mail Tigers (IRL)
21.Sagittarius (CZE)
22.Stamp-KIELCE (POL)
23.Stamp (POL)
24.Rochade 5171 - Young Stars (GER)
25.Rochade 5171 - Bulldozers (GER)
26.Slovan Bratislava (SVK)
27.Gaia (ITA)
28.Zugzwang Bocholt 1 (GER)
29.Les Mousquetaires du Roi (FRA)
30.ALFA Team (CZE)
31.Chess Club Travertin (SVK)
32.Centrum-Tczew (POL)
33.Brevnov Knights (CZE)
34.Aljechin's Erben (GER)
35.64for4 (NED)
36.Sofia Chess (BUL)
37.CSM Cluj-Napoca (ROM)
38.TELAXOZA - SC Crisul Oradea (ROM)
39.Zasilatelstvi Zelezník Pardubice (CZE)
41.CCF Ukraine (UKR)
42.FIDES Bratislava (SVK)

43.Old Friends Team (GER) - promoted from C
44.Flemish Queens (BEL) - promoted from C

Division C - 88 teams

6 groups of 11 teams

1.Cebichess (PER) - server
2.Illuminati (DEN) - server
3.Chess Mail Bears - server
4.Chess Mail Chigorin - server
5.The Gambiteers Guild (DE) - server
6.CC-Vikings (DEN) - server
7.Chess Allies (AUS) - server
8.Lotus (LTU) - server
9.Springer St. Toenis (GER) - server
10.Potaissa Turda (ROM) - server
11.Le Courrier des Echecs (FRA) - server

12.The Norsemen (NOR)
13.Schlechter's Erben (DE)
14.Ajemail (ESP)
15.Dutchess (NED)
16.Back Rank Mates (DE)
17.Schachfreunde St. Wendel (GER)
18.FS-TSG Wismar (GER)
19.Magnitchess (RUS)
20.Eridano Chess Team (ITA)
21.Partenopae Chess Italia (ITA)
22.4 Knights of Lake Como (ITA)
23.Antares 2002 (ITA)
24.Tuculca (ITA)
25.Chess Mail Lions (IRL)
26.Randaberg Vikings (NOR)
27.Grone Stralsund (GER)
28.September Malbork Cup (POL)
29.Rochade 5171 - Last Minute (GER)
30.Rochade 5171 - Amici (GER)
31.Rochade 5171 - Cobras (GER)
32.Rochade 5171 - Interstern (GER)
33.Rochade 5171 - Lions (GER)
34.Povazske Podhradie (SVK)
35.CC Cyber Super Gambits (POL)
36.Demc (RUS)
37.Partenopae International Chess Team (ITA)
38.Magic 4 (ITA)
39.I Disuniti Chess Club (ITA)
40.Masters of the IECG (DE)
41.Zugzwang Bocholt 2 (GER)
42.Zugzwang Bocholt 3 (GER)
43.Zugzwang Bocholt 4 (GER)
44.Zugzwang Bocholt 5 (GER)
45.Caissa and Friends (GER)
46.Panorama (POL)
47.Titanic Team (ITA)
48.Latvians (LAT)
49.Austrian Chess Amateurs (AUT)
50.Schachclub Friesen Lichtenberg (GER)
51.ChessOwls - Kings and Queens (GER)
52.Zitadelle Spandau A (GER)
53.Zitadelle Spandau B (GER)
54.Blue Danube Rookies (AUT)
57.Club Escacs Tarragona (ESP)
58.Jested Liberec (CZE)
59.Chimia Ramnicu Vilcea (ROM)
60.CSU Craiova (ROM)
61.Omsk (RUS)
62.Sfr. 1957 Huelzweiler (GER)
63.Swiss 64 (DE)
64.BCCA (DE)
65.Les Chevaliers (FRA)

66.There's a Weasel… (USA) - promoted from D

Division D

5 groups of 11 teams
2 groups of 10 teams

1.Sirius (GER) - server
2.Chess Mail Centaurs (IRL) - server
3.Rikis (LTU) - server
4.Knight Fighters (DE) - server
5.Schachfreunde-Buer 21/74 (GER) - server
6.Satranc Okulu - Palavan (TUR) - server
7.Satranc Okulu - S. Bilyap (TUR) - server
8.Satranc Okulu - Suer (TUR) - server
9.TGGT (ISL) - server
10.Annunnaki (SLO) - server
11.Pegas (BUL) - server
12.Chess Today Kings (CAN) - server
13.Chess Today Bishops (CAN) - server
14.Chess Today Knights (CAN) - server
15.Ogulin CC (CRO) - server
16.Peace: Power that Preserves (DE) - server
17.Malaga 64 (ESP) - server

18.Chess 64 (ESP)
19.Gambit Krosno I (POL)
20.International Classic Team (GER)
21.Gambit Krosno II (POL)
22.CCI II Wiesbaden (GER)
23.Laskers Erben (GER)
24.Samarachess (RUS)
25.Chess Akademia (Sankt-Petersburg) (RUS)
26.Hong Kong CC Club (HKG)
27.Knights & Queens (ITA)
28.The Black Rook Team (ITA)
29.Czarny Hetman (POL)
30.Czarny Kon (POL)
31.CK & Gambit (POL)
32.Hamar Optimists (NOR)
33.Veteran Fighters (NOR)
34.…e5xd4 (ITA)
36.Rochade 5171 - Wizards (GER)
37.Rochade 5171 - Caissa's Finest (GER)
38.Rochade 5171 - Farm (GER)
39.Gli Svitosi (ITA)
40.Syopes (IND)
41.Moa Chess Club Torino (ITA)
42.Estense Scacchi (ITA)
43.Mitropa Schachfreunde (AUT)
44.Moncase 1 (ESP)
45.Pipa (ESP)
46.A.D.A. Mostoles (ESP)
47.Dom Kultury Wschowa (POL)
48.Imperium Szachow - Dream Team (POL)
49.Imperium Szachow - Kopernik (POL)
50.The Lewis Chessmen (SCO)
51.ChessOwls - Brave Knights (GER)
52.ChessOwls - New Warriors (GER)
53.Zitadelle Spandau C (GER)
54.Brazilian Chessfriends (BRA)
55.NBC Northern Pride (NED)
56.Chessknights Tango (NED)
59.El Peon Travieso (ESP)
60.Club Escacs Novelda (ESP)
61.CSU Craiova 2 (ROM)
62.CS Otelul Galati (ROM)
64.Great CC-Danes (DEN)
65.Jackal Fighters (DEN)
66.SK Joly Lysa nad Labem (CZE)
67.Spessart-Rottweiler (GER)
68.The Prodigal Sons (BEL)
69.Glueck auf Ruedersdorf - The Girls (GER)
70.northshorechess.com (DE)
71.Peon de negras (ESP)
72.King chess club (CZE)
73.Czech Mate (CZE)
74.Yetman Brothers Descriptive CM A (CAN)
75.Yetman Brothers Descriptive CM B (CAN)

Fast Track - 44 teams

2 group of 7 teams

1.Four Wise Arbiters (ENG) - server
2.Stansco.com Netchess Knights (USA) - server
3.Rey Gris (ARG) - server
4.CS Energy PCC Sterom 1 Campina (ROM) - server
5.CS Energy PCC Sterom 2 Campina (ROM) - server
6.www.sachy.sk (SVK) - server
7.ChessOwls - Intercontinental (GER) - server

8.FSV Spremberg (GER)
9.Zugzwang Bocholt 6 (GER)
10.Zugzwang Bocholt 7 (GER)
11.Zugzwang Bocholt 8 (GER)
12.Three men and a baby (NOR)
13.ChessOwls - Smart View (DE)
14.Italica Scacchi (ITA)


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