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Champions League News

17.02.2008: New Web Site for Champions League Season 3

This web site will continue to be updated with the results of the final 38 outstanding games. For all news for Season 3 please check the new Champions League Home Page. Please bookmark it for future use.

13.10.2007: Prize Announcement

CL Director Eugen Demian has issue this announcement about the money prizes:

"The money prizes for the best team result per group, as well as for the best new player in the league have been inserted in my report to the Congress. Hans-Jurgen Isigkeit (ICCF-CL Finance Director) will make sure each winner receives it in due time. There is also information in the report about the other prizes. If you are a team captain of a team winning one of the prizes, please write me providing your latest contact email address to help Hans-Jurgen in his task. Thank you!"
Valer Eugen Demian
NTT Commissioner

For a list of the prize winners go to Prize Winner List.

28.08.2007: Best new player in ICCF Champions League

CL Director Eugen Demian has announced the three winners of the Best new ICCF player in the Champions League.

FIRST ($480 USD):
ICCF-CL/0406/D3-2 241170 Marco Mantovanelli (GER),
     (Sirius) 9/ 10 (+8 =2 -0): 90%
TIED SECOND ($240 USD each):
ICCF-CL/0406/D3-2 421380 Leszek Bakalarz (POL),
    (KIELCE) 8.5/ 10 (+8 =1 -1): 85%
ICCF-CL/0406/D1-3 451325 Hans Engberg (SWE),
    (Peace: Power that Preserves) 8.5/ 10 (+7 =3 -0): 85%

Other prizes will be announced in the future with information on the distribution of the cash prizes.

27.08.2007: Sponsor News Release

Our generous CL sponsor has provided an August 2007 News Release with the final figures for the money prizes. Congratulations to IPV ("Investiciju portfeliu valdymas") and its managed fund "ZPR US Small Cap Value Fund" on their success, which had led to a considerable increase in the prize fund. To quote the news release, "The price of ZPR US Small Cap Value Fund share on official Champions League 2nd season end date May 1, 2007 reached 1728.63 USD. The price is up by 60 % from the start of championship! All monetary prizes of Champions League are by 60% higher than it was announced at the start date. Prizes were indexed to the performance of the fund." There is a link to the press release under "Sponsors & Prizes" in the right column.

See August 2007 Press Release.

8.07.2007: Adjudication Result ... All Qualifications to Season 3 now set

All games requiring it have been adjudicated:

A1-2: Degerhammar (Rochade 5171 - Chess Composers) vs. Agomeri (White Bishop Chess Team) - ADJUDICATED 0.5-0.5

The players have the right to appeal this decision within 14 days (deadline July 22, 2007). The players have advised that the adjudications previously reported will not be appealed.

Group A1 is now completely determined with Margiris taking 3rd place (the final A1 qualification to "A" next season).

27.06.2007: Adjudication Results

The following games have been adjudicated:

A1-2: Agomeri (White Bishop Chess Team) vs. Verducci Silvelo (La Dama Clavada) - ADJUDICATED 0.5-0.5

A2-4: Lauk (Estonia) vs. Sakalauskas (Lithuania ChessClub BALTIJOS LYGA) - ADJUDICATED 1-0

Group A1 still has one critical game being adjudicated that will determine relegation. If White Bishop Chess Team gets a win they will finish in 3rd on tie-break, a draw or loss will give Margiris 3rd place and a spot in "A" next season.

Group A2 is now all determined with Estonia taking 3rd place (14 tie-break points) and qualification to group "A" next season and Alpine Rookies 4th place (12 tie-break points) relegating to "B".

Note: According to the Playing Rules players have the right to appeal these decisions within 14 days ... the deadline is July 11th, 2007. The players are asked to indicate if they intend to appeal.

19.06.2007: Best new player award update

The list of players nominated for the Best new player award has been updated. The top three players meeting the requirements when nominations end will receive prizes. See updated announcement (2.06.2007).

17.06.2007: Adjudication Result ... Chess Mail Tigers qualify for group B

The following game in group B-4 (board 1) has been adjudicated:

Blanco Gramajo, Cesar A (GUA) (Chess Mail Tigers) - Auch, Stefan (GER) (Rochade 5171 - Bulldozers): result 1-0

This result moves the Chess Mail Tigers into 5th place for the final group "B" qualification (a draw would have had the same effect).

Note added 20.06.2007: An adjudication may be appealed, but Mr. Auch has indicated he does not intend to appeal. This result is considered final.

17.06.2007: Season 3 information

A new section of links has been added in the right column called "For Season 3 (2007)". You can find the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with the main details of the new season, a Complete Team List (where you can find your team number for the entry form) and a link for downloading the team entry form in text format.

Want to find a team to join for the upcoming Champions League season? Check out the link to Find a Team Yahoo Group. Gino Figlio has set up this Yahoo group to help players find a team.

14.06.2007: Revision of ratings used in CL for new ICCF players

After careful consideration we have decided to adjust the temporary rating levels assigned to new players in ICCF. The new values can be seen here and will be used this upcoming season.

Valer Eugen Demian
ICCF-CL Administrator

2.06.2007: Best new player award

According to the original announcement of our sponsor available here:
we are going to award below prizes to the top 3 new players in ICCF.

      300 USD 1st place (score in %)
      200 USD 2nd place (score in %)
      100 USD 3rd place (score in %)
      600 USD Total funds

A new player in ICCF is by definition a player who never played in ICCF before. Any player falling into this category or team captain of such player please nominate your names by contacting Valer Eugen Demian directly. The nominations are the responsibility of players and team captains themselves. Please do not miss the opportunity to be nominated in this category and receive a prize you deserve!

Nominations list updated through June 18, 2007:

ICCF-CL/0406/D3-2 241170 Marco Mantovanelli (GER), (Sirius) 9/ 10 (+8 =2 -0): 90% (team nomination)
ICCF-CL/0406/D3-2 421380 Leszek Bakalarz (POL), (KIELCE) 8.5/ 10 (+8 =1 -1): 85% (team nomination)
ICCF-CL/0406/D1-3 451325 Hans Engberg (SWE), (Peace: Power that Preserves) 8.5/ 10 (+7 =3 -0): 85% (team nomination)

ICCF-CL/0406/D7-1 370994 H. Remco Heite (NED), (NBC Northern Pride) 7.5/ 9 (+6 =3 -0): 83% (team nomination)
ICCF-CL/0406/D1-4 160849 Carlos Martin (ESP), (Peace: Power that Preserves) 8/ 10 (+7 =2 -1): 80% (team nomination)
ICCF-CL/0406/D1-4 900140 Zeljko Tesic (CRO), (Ogulin CC) 8/ 10 (+6 =4 -0): 80% (team nomination)
ICCF-CL/0406/C5-4 141608 Sergey Kulagin (RUS), (Magnitchess) 8/ 10 (+6 =4 -0): 80% (team nomination)
ICCF-CL/0406/D3-4 421381 Zdzislaw Sztykiel (POL), (KIELCE) 8/ 10 (+6 =4 -0): 80% (team nomination)
ICCF-CL/0406/D6-1 85563 Tina Oswald (GER), (ChessOwls - New Warriors) 7.5/ 10 (+5 =5 -0): 75% (team nomination)
ICCF-CL/0406/FT2-4 85570 Jan Kregelin (GER), (FSV Spremberg) 4.5/ 6 (+3 =3 -0): 75% (team nomination)
ICCF-CL/0406/D5-2 85571 Harald Keller (GER), (Spessart-Rottweiler) 7,0/10 (+5 =4 -1); 70% (team nomination)
ICCF-CL/0406/D4-4 10547 Maximilian Burkowski (AUT), (Mitropa Schachfreunde) 6.5 /10 (+3 =7 -0): 65% (team nomination)
ICCF-CL/0406/C1-4 241175 Oscar Milani (ITA), (Chess Mail Bears) 6/ 10 (+2 =8 -0): 60% (personal nomination)
ICCF-CL/0406/A1-2 85577 Dirk Wilhelmi (GER), (The Good Knights) 6/ 10 (+4 =4 –2): 60% (team nomination)
ICCF-CL/0406/C4-3 85562 Hans-Jürgen Dwornik (GER), (Caissa and Friends) 5.5/ 10 (+2 =7 -1): 55% (team nomination)

Valer Eugen Demian
ICCF-CL Administrator

29.05.2007: 3rd Season Announcement

Dear chessfriends,

Welcome to the 3rd season of ICCF-CL! We are open for registration later than announced; please accept my apologies for this delay. The registration closes August 1st, 2007. All games for the new season will start officially on September 1st, 2007.

We have revised and uploaded the FAQ valid for this season. You can read it here:
The registration form is available here:     http://.../season3faq.htm#faq03.8
It should provide you with all necessary details to make an educated decision before registering.

There are 2 ways to register for this 3rd season:
   - register via your national federation
   - register via Direct Entry
as explained by our FAQ.

If at anytime during the registration you need clarifications, we are ready to help you! Please contact the following people:
Michael Millstone (DE Administrator) - for any DE related question
Valer Eugen Demian - for any other question regarding ICCF-CL in general
Their contact information is available at the ICCF main webpage under "Main menu" > "ICCF Contacts" or go directly to:

    Contact Michael Millstone
    Contact Valer Eugen Demian

Amici sumus,

Valer Eugen Demian
NTT Commissioner

19.05.2007: End of Season Message

Dear chessfriends,

Luckily for us only the following games require adjudications to finalise all qualified/ relegated teams for the next season:
A1-2: Agomeri (White Bishop Chess Team) vs. Verducci Silvelo (La Dama Clavada)
A1-2: Degerhammar (Rochade 5171 - Chess Composers) vs. Agomeri (White Bishop Chess Team)
A2-4: Lauk (Estonia) vs. Sakalauskas (Lithuania ChessClub BALTIJOS LYGA)
B4-1: Blanco Gramajo (Chess Mail Tigers) vs. Auch (Rochade 5171 - Bulldozers)

Six other games have ended without adjudications when both players have reached an agreement on the final result. All team captains and players involved in the games requiring adjudication have been advised to submit their analysis and claims. The deadline for submitting them is May 31st, 2007. All remaining unfinished games will continue until finished.

We will keep everyone updated on the adjudication process.

Valer Eugen Demian
NTTC Commissioner

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