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General Comments on Judging Criteria for Best Team Logo and Best Team Web Site

  1. All team logos and team web sites to be considered must be listed on the Team Logos/Links page at: http://tables.iccf.com/email/ChLeague/2004/logos.htm
  2. Team Logos will be judged based on entries received by 31-Dec-2005. Logos received earlier may be replaced by updated logos until 31-Dec-2005.
  3. Team Web Sites will be judged based on entries received by 31-Dec-2005 but they will be actually judged no earlier than 30-June 2006. This will allow adding team news, reports, annotated completed games, etc.
  4. Two rounds of judging will be performed for each category.
    1. A winner will be determined for each division A, B, C, D, FT. These winners will be recognized on the official Logos/Links page.
    2. In the second round the judges will choose the best entry from these five division winners. Only the overall winner in each contest (logo and web page) will receive the cash award.
    3. A weighted scoring system will be used with the best total of the judges' scores determining the winners. In case of ties another round of judging between those tied will be conducted.
  5. The judging panel will consist of respected people without a direct interest in which teams win (avoiding any conflict of interest). The panel will be selected to reflect knowledge of graphics and web site design.
  6. The judges will apply the set of guidelines listed below to help determine the winning entries.
  7. The decision of the judges will be final.
  8. To enter, Contact the Webmaster.

Guidelines for Judging Best Team Logo

  1. The logo sample on the official Logos/Links page will be used for judging, insuring similar size and presentation for judging. The logo must be supplied to the Champions League webmaster in time to be displayed by the deadline of 31-Dec-2005.
  2. Logos that are simply copies of a club logo with no distinguishing team features will be posted on the Logos/Links page but will not be eligible for a prize. The webmaster will make the determination of which logos are eligible.
  3. The logo should demonstrate the normal features of a good logo, such as:
    1. Show creativity
    2. Show good graphic design
    3. Create an overall positive impression
    4. Represent the team in some fashion

Guidelines for Judging Best Team Web Site

  1. Only team web sites listed on the official logos/links page will be judged. The link must be supplied to the Champions League webmaster in time to be displayed by the deadline of 31-Dec-2005. The actual judging will take place after 30-June 2006.
  2. A team web site must present the normal features required for a good web site, such as:
    1. Good Navigation
    2. Good presentation
    3. Pleasing layout, graphics, color scheme
    4. Lack of errors, such as bad spelling or broken links (including those to graphics)
    5. Overall good impression and content
    6. Humor and entertainment value will be considered
  3. A team web site should also contain material specific to the Champions League competition such as:
    1. Links to Champions League web pages
    2. Information about the team and its members
    3. Games, annotations, java replay
    4. Photos and graphics related to the team and Champions League
  4. If it is part of a larger club site, only those pages devoted to the team will be considered in isolation from the rest of the site.
  5. Evidence of team spirit and updates of team news will be considered.
  6. The team may use their choice of language(s). The judges will do their best to deal with languages with which they are not familiar, such as by using automated web page conversion programs.

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