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CL Fortune Teller 01 (5.05.2005)
by Darth Cugel


Today: League "A"

It is really hard to predict who will win Finals A1 and A2. After all, each team won its Qualification group and all are tremendously strong!

Final A1

Eleven teams will battle for victory, and three top places to remain in League "A" for Season 2006-2008. The bottom 8 teams will face the humiliation of being demoted to League "B" and having to fight their way back to League "A"!

In this Final A1 there are teams from Russia, France, Argentina, USA, Poland, Italy, Lithuania x 2 and Germany x 3 (no surprise). The highest average ELO is from the Russian team "Chess Victory".

But who will win? This strong Rusian team, or the Argentine malón which beat the strongest team in the Qualification round? Or will "Champagne Chess" play like champagne rugby and step on all others?

What about those big-mouthed "Kings of TCCMB"? And does "ChessBaseUserClub" have any trumps hidden in their secret databases?

Finally, will the Lithuanians of "NSEL30" collect the prizes their boss has kindly provided for the CL competition? Will Max the Axe lead its team to final victory?

The "Kings of TCCMB" are leading with 2.5 points and also leading the percentage table, but with only 6 finished games (out of 220) this can hardly be called a start. Get those e-mails moving!

I guess you are expecting some (wild) guesses from a Dark Lord of the Sith, so I'll be bold and say that I expect ChessBaseUserClub to win Final A1, and for NSEL30 and La Dama Clavada to keep their seats in League A. But I can change my mind…

We'll come back to this hard-fought section once more results have been recorded…

Final A2

Another impressive Final where anyone could win!

This team we have 11 teams from Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Austria, and Germany x4!

What do chessplayers eat in the Baltic States? Will they pass drug tests? How can there be so many teams from so small countries?

The strongest team "on paper" is the Polish "Polina", but games have to be played on the board! There's a representative of Rochade 5171 chess club (one of many competing in this Champions League!) and a very misleading "Alpine Rookies" are the weakest team but they play like no rookies I've ever seen…

"Rochade 5171 - Chess Connection" took an early lead with 4 points, but in the other table (percentages) the leader is "The Chessfriends". However, with only 18 finished games (out of 220) the battle has just begun…

I won't type "goodbye" before venturing my predictions. What does my letter-soup say? Aha, the winner of Final A2 will be "Lithuania ChessClub BALTIJOS LYGA", and "Latvian Gambit" and "Estonia" will keep their nice places in League A? We'll see…

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