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Recently the results for the email games in the Champions League (and all other email/postal events) were taken from the Eloquery database (results gathered for rating purposes) were incorporated into the ICCF Webserver. These crosstables will be used in the future for rating all games (postal, email and server). They will also be the standard way to display the standings in all tournaments.

The new crosstables are incomplete and may have errors. Any results reported after the last rating period (12.31.2005) are not included and some information, such as team names, is missing. During a transition period the additional results will be added and other information will be corrected/updated.

For your information, following are links to the current (probably incomplete) crosstables on the server. The "Tables and results" links on the server have not yet been updated to include these links but may be updated very soon.

These crosstables are for teams only, but there are links to the individual boards on these pages.

League "A"
Group A-1
Group A-2
League "B"
Group B-1 *
Group B-2
Group B-3
Group B-4
League "C"
Group C-1 *
Group C-2
Group C-3
Group C-4
Group C-5
Group C-6
League "D"
Group D-1 *
Group D-2
Group D-3
Group D-4
Group D-5
Group D-6
Group D-7
League "FT"
Group FT-1 *
Group FT-2

* - Server groups already on the server ... should be completely up to date

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