ICCF Champions League
Season 2 (2004-2006)

Best Team Logo


Dear Champions League participants

Sponsor of the 1st regular season of ICCF Champions League, IPV ("Investiciju portfeliu valdymas") and its managed fund "ZPR US Small Cap Value Fund" is delighted to announce the winner of the first ICCF Champions League prize "The Best Team Logo".

The winner is the excellent logo of "Alpine Rookies" in the League "A"!
See: List of winners

Alpine Rookies" also have a web page listing their players: http://www.members.a1.net/alpine_rookies/intro.htm, they play in Group A2 in League "A".

"Thanks to the many teams who entered their Team Logos for the ICCF Champions League 2004! And thanks to the excellent judging panel for making the difficult choices to name the top logos. Only one team could win the sponsor's prize for "Best Team Logo", but the judges selected the top two logos for each league A, B, C, D and Fast Track (see List of winners). Congratulations to the winning logos, and special congratulations to our overall winner, the number one team logo -- Alpine-Rookies!"
-- J. Franklin Campbell, ICCF Champions League Webmaster

The winner will be awarded 100 USD monetary prize.

Total prize fund of Champions League is 5.000 USD and is indexed to the performance of the fund. The fund had a successful year 2005, so on December 31, 2005 the prize fund already reached 5.712 USD.

The list of judges:

  • GM Tunc Hamarat (AUS), 16th World Champion
  • SIM Josef Mrkvicka (CZE), Former ICCF President
  • Hanon Russell (USA), Webmaster/Owner of Chess Cafe
  • SIM John Knudsen (USA living in GER), Webmaster/Owner of Correspondencechess.com
  • Clive Murden (AUS), Webmaster of CCLA (Australia)

The next prize is "The Best Team Web Site".

Team Web Sites will be judged based on entries received by 31-Dec-2005 but they will be actually judged no earlier than 30-June 2006. This will allow adding team news, reports, annotated completed games, etc.

So, teams, be more active, improve your websites and win the second prize!

P.S. The payment of all prizes will be made when either the event is concluded or all prizes are clear as determined by tournament director. Upon day of notification, IPV will set the final value per the net asset value of the fund. This final sum will be paid to ICCF promptly. The ICCF Financial Director with the assistance of the TD will then make all payment arrangements to the team captains and players in a form to minimize currency exchanges and high bank transfer fees which is also most convenient.


Max Zavanelli
ICCF Deputy President & Development Director
President of IPV, founder of "ZPR US Small Cap Value Fund"
The owner of ZPR Group

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