ICCF Champions League
Season 2 (2004-2006)

Sponsor News Release August 2007
ICCF Champions League 2nd season prize announcement (final)
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Dear Champions League participants, officials

The second season of ICCF Champions League ended.

The 3rd season (2007-2009) with a record number of 260 participating teams is starting soon.

It is great that the League is making progress and the 3rd season attracted so many teams from different countries.

Sponsor of Champions League 2nd season IPV ("Investiciju portfeliu valdymas") and its managed fund "ZPR US Small Cap Value Fund" is delighted to announce successful results and significant increase of prizes.

The price of ZPR US Small Cap Value Fund share on official Champions League 2nd season end date May 1, 2007 reached 1728.63 USD. The price is up by 60 % from the start of championship! All monetary prizes of Champions League are by 60% higher than it was announced at the start date. Prizes were indexed to the performance of the fund.

ZPR US Small Cap Value Fund is up by 6.74% this year (on August 27, 2007). The fund also sponsors Baltic championships. For more details please visit Fund's website http://www.zprussmallcap.com/en/

Another managed fund (NSEL30 index fund) sponsoring Lithuanian correspondence chess events is up by 17.52% this year (on August 27, 2007). For more details please visit Fund's website http://www.indexfund.lt/en/

The initial prize fund of Champions league 2nd season was 5.000 USD. It was indexed to the performance of the fund. After 2.5 year battles the increased final prize fund of 8.000 USD will be distributed to the winners!

The prizes after indexing for team and individual Champions League 2nd season results:

A League 2 groups 1280 x 2 = 2560 USD

1st place in a group640 USD
2nd place in a group400 USD
3rd place in a group240 USD

B League 4 groups 240 x 4 = 960 USD

Group winner = 240 USD

C League 6 groups 160 x 6 = 960 USD

Group winner = 160 USD

D and FT Leagues 9 groups 1.920 USD
1-3 places in D League and FT (Fast Track)
     (score in percent)320 USD x 3 = 960 USD
4-5 places in D League and FT
     (score in percent) 240 USD x 2 = 480 USD
6-8 place in D League and FT
     (score in percent)160 USD x 3 = 480 USD
THE BEST NEW PLAYERS (players new to ICCF) 960 USD
1st place (score in percent)480 USD
2nd place (score in percent)320 USD
3rd place (score in percent)160 USD
     Total = 8.000 USD

In case of ties money will be divided equally.

For more information on the investment selection process and investment style of the Fund, please visit the investment advisor's website at www.zprim.com.

We wish you success in the 3rd season of Champions League, good games and tournaments in the future!

Max Zavanelli
Former ICCF delegate (USA)
President of IPV, founder of "ZPR US Small Cap Value Fund"
The owner of ZPR Group

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