ICCF Champions League
Season 2 (2004-2006)

List of Prize Winners
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1st126 Kings of TCCMB (USA)
2nd204 Penelopa (POL)
3rd227 Margiris (LTU)
1st150 Safer Sacs Berlin (GER)
2nd46 Bashkir Chess (RUS)
3rd113 Estonia (EST) and 23 Alpine Rookies (AUT)
1st95 Ratinger SK (GER)
1st40 Les Mousquetaires du Roi (FRA)
1st78 ALFA Team (CZE)
1st133 Blue Team (ITA)
1st80 Chess Club Potaissa Turda (ROM) and 188 Chess Allies (AUS)
1st72 Randaberg Vikings (NOR)
1st156 Grone Stralsund (GER)
1st84 September Malbork Cup (POL)
1st154 Jested Liberec (CZE)
1st148 Povazske Podhradie (SVK)
Prizes for groups D and FT combined, based on percentage score.
1-3 places in D League and FT (200 USD each)
D5(31/40) 77.5% - 267 SK Joly Lysa nad Labem (CZE)
D1(30.5/40) 76.25% - 243 Peace: Power that Preserves (DE)
D7(26/36) 72.22% - 233 Brazilian Chessfriends (BRA)
4-5 places in D League and FT (150 USD each)
D1(28.5/40) 71.25% - 208 Annunnaki (SLO)
D5(28.5/40) 71.25% - 265 Spessart-Rottweiler (GER)
6-8 places in D League and FT (100 USD each)
This last group of prizes is a little tricky and depends on two remaining game results. Two teams are in for the 100 USD prize each:
FT1 (17/24) 70.83% - 280 CS Energy PCC Sterom 1 Campina (ROM)
FT2(17/24) 70.83% - 284 FSV Spremberg (GER)
The contenders for the final 100 USD prize are:
D3(27.5/40) 68.75% - 252 KIELCE (POL)
D5(27.5/40) 68.75% - 261 Chess Akademia (Sankt-Petersburg) (RUS)
D6(27.5/40) 68.75% - King Chess Club
And two teams with one game each remaining (the three possible final percentages are calculated for loss, draw, win in final game)
D2(27-28/40) 67.5%, 68.75%, 70% - Imperium Szachow - Dream Team
D4(27-28/40) 67.5%, 68.75%, 70% - El Peon Travieso
If either of these last two teams wins their game, the above three teams are eliminate since they are all <70%. It would be possible to distribute all prizes immediately except for the 100USD for 8th best score in D/FT, but those final two results are needed before that final prize (possibly shared) could be determined.

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