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During the ICCF Champions League qualification cycle several "Fortune Teller" messages were sent. These have been collected on web pages, along with new analysis. The original "Fortune Teller" messages by Chris Lüers are listed first, followed by Eugen Demian's analysis near the end of the event. Each "Fortune Teller" page opens in a separate browser page allowing you to open several at once, if you wish to compare older predictions with the current analysis or with the current crosstables.

Original "Fortune Teller" messages by Chris Lüers.
03.12.2002: Groups 01-05
24.12.2002: Groups 06-10
19.02.2003: Groups 11-16
15.03.2003: Groups 17-22

Later analysis by Eugen Demian
09.02.2004: Groups 01-08
11.02.2004: Groups 09-15
13.02.2004: Groups 16-22


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