Carlos Ros Mirˇ (ESP) Memorials                             



Carlos Ros Mirˇ was for more than 30 years the “alma mater” of the Spanish Correspondence Chess. After starting his work for CC as organiser of the Catalonian Open Championships, very soon he was nominated as CC director into the Executive Board of the Spanish Chess Federation. After spending the best part of his life working as President of the Spanish CC Permanent Commission (CPAP) and as ICCF Delegate for Spain, he enthusiastically contributed in his last period of his life to the foundation of AEAC, being our first President until his death in April 2002.     

In organising these Memorial tournaments, our highest priority is to swear allegiance to our unforgettable friend, on the second anniversary of his death.

“Carlos Ros Mirˇ Memorials” are conformed by four tournaments: One of them distinguished as “World” is a Category XIII tournament. The other three called “America”, “Europe” and “Madrid” (this last one, also in memory of the victims of  the terrorist attack that suffered our country on 11/03/04), are all of them Category VII tournaments.

We wish to welcome all the players to the “ Carlos Ros Mirˇ Memorials”, at the time that express our gratefulness for accepting to share with us this historical occasion, and wish to all of you a great enjoyment in playing the games!  Amici Sumus!

 Carlos Ros Mir˛ - Group World
 Carlos Ros Mir˛ - Group America
 Carlos Ros Mir˛ - Group Europe
 Carlos Ros Mir˛ - Group Madrid