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16.01.2007: CL Unfinished Game Count

For a complete analysis of each group see the Promotion/Relegation Analysis and for a summary see the Analysis of critical games page. Both are continually updated, including counts of unfinished games. Here is a simple list of the unfinished game counts for all groups. Groups in bold with "*" have settled all promotion/relegation questions without additional results needed. The count of "Critical Games" indicates how many of the remaining games in the group will affect promotion/relegation and would need adjudication if they don't finish soon. A few key results in A-1 and A-2 could reduce the number of "Critical Games" significantly.

The following table shows that all promotion/relegation has been settled for all group "D" and group "FT" teams. Only 24 teams in 8 different groups have not determined their group (league) for next season, and 13 of those teams are in A-1 and A-2.

Group Games
A1 17 17
A2 14 14
B1* 4 -
B2 3 1
B3 10 4
B4 6 3
C1* 5 -
C2* 4 -
C3 3 2
C4* 1 -
C5 3 1
Group Games
C6 3 1
D1* 2 -
D2* 15 -
D3* 3 -
D4* 2 -
D5* 10 -
D6* 3 -
D7* 3 -
FT1* 1 -
FT2* 1 -
Total 113 43

The number of teams that have not determined their position for next season:

Group "A": 15 (A1-7, A2-6)
Group "B": 15 (B2-1, B3-2, B4-3)
Group "C": 15 (C1-1, C3-1, C5-1, C6-2)
Groups "D" and "FT": 0 (no undetermined positions)
Total: 24

4.01.2007: Sponsor News Release

Our generous CL sponsor has provided a December 2006 News Release. Congratulations to IPV ("Investiciju portfeliu valdymas") and its managed fund "ZPR US Small Cap Value Fund" on another successful year. There is a link to the press release under "Sponsors & Prizes" in the right column.

See December 2006 Press Release.

One highlight ... based on the excellent performance of the CL fund: the originally announced prizes have increased by 43%!

25.12.2006: New Summary Page Added

There is now a web page showing a summary of the remaining games with an analysis of how many games must finish to determine the groups for all teams for next season. See Analysis of critical games.


Happy Holidays!

18.11.2006: CL Unfinished Game Count

The Promotion/Relegation Analysis page is continually updated, including counts of unfinished games. Here are the unfinished game counts for all groups for four dates. Groups in bold with "*" have settled all promotion/relegation questions without additional results needed. 123 of the unfinished games are in groups where all promotions/relegations have not been determined.

Group 14.08 10.09 8.10 18.11
A1 41 38 31 28
A2 33 28 24 22
B1 14 12 11 8
B2 13 12 7 6
B3 34 27 19 14
B4 19 15 12 9
C1 19 16 12 8
C2 12 11 9 7
C3 16 12 10 9
C4 7 7 5 2
C5 12 11 8 7
Group 14.08 10.09 8.10 18.11
C6 5 4 4 3
D1* 9 5 3 2
D2* 19 19 19 18
D3* 6 4 4 3
D4* 8 7 6 3
D5* 14 13 10 10
D6* 9 6 5 4
D7* 15 10 4 2
FT1* 5 4 4 1
FT2* 8 8 3 3
Total 318 269 210 169

The number of teams that have not determined their position for next season:

Group "A": 15 (A1-8, A2-7)
Group "B": 15 (B1-1, B2-4, B3-4, B4-6)
Group "C": 15 (C1-5, C2-2, C3-3, C4-1, C5-2, C6-2)
Groups "D" and "FT": 0 (no undetermined positions)
Total: 45

24.10.2006: CL Web Site Reorganized

At the direction of CL Officer Valer Eugen Demian the links section at the right have been reorganized and some link names changed to make the links clearer.

17.10.2006: CL Support Team Gains Titles

During the recent ICCF Congress in Dresden several members of the Champions League support team received titles.

Frank Geider ... International Arbiter
Thomas Mirbach ... International Arbiter
Laurent Tinture ... International Arbiter
Gino Figlio ... Senior International Master

The draft minutes listing the achievements of Congress (including all titles awarded) is now available at the ICCF Congress Web Site.

17.10.2006: Gino Figlio Appointed Webserver Commissioner

Congratulations to CL TD Gino Figlio on being appointed to the important post of Webserver Commissioner during the Dresden Congress. Gino was also recognized for his superb work on the ICCF Webserver Helpdesk. Thanks for all your excellent work, Gino!

News from the 2006 ICCF Congress in Dresden, Germany can be seen at the ICCF Congress Web Site.

8.10.2006: Update of unfinished game count

The Promotion/Relegation Analysis page is continually updated, including counts of unfinished games. Here are the unfinished game counts for all groups for three dates. Groups in bold with "*" have settled all promotion/relegation questions without additional results needed.

Group Total 14.08 10.09 8.10
A1 220 41 38 31
A2 220 33 28 24
B1 220 14 12 11
B2 220 13 12 7
B3 220 34 27 19
B4 220 19 15 12
C1 220 19 16 12
C2 220 12 11 9
C3 220 16 12 10
C4 220 7 7 5
C5 220 12 11 8
Group Total 14.08 10.09 8.10
C6 220 5 4 4
D1* 220 9 5 3
D2 220 19 19 19
D3* 220 6 4 4
D4* 220 8 7 6
D5* 220 14 13 10
D6* 220 9 6 5
D7* 180 15 10 4
FT1 84 5 4 4
FT2* 84 8 8 3
Total 4308 318 269 210

6.10.2006: Alfonsino Lannaioli Dead at 56

TD Thomas Schmelz reports this message from the team captain: "As Captain of Tuculca Team I must sadly announce that our friend Alfonsino Lannaioli passed away last 28 Sept., he was aged 56." Mr. Lannaioli played on board 2. His games are finished.

2.10.2006: Promotion/Relegation Analysis

The webmaster has performed an analysis on all groups in the Champions League to determine the prospects of the teams and the games that are important in determining promotion and relegation to the next season.

See: Promotion/Relegation Analysis

If you see any errors please report them: Contact Webmaster

As new results come in, the analysis page will be updated. Each group has an date of update listed.

19.09.2006: Team Web Site Update

Team SK Joly Lysá nad Labem, winners of group D-5, has a new web site address. Their Team Web Sites and Logos entry has been updated.

13.09.2006: New Team Web Site

Congratulations to the NSEL30 team in group A-1 on their web site. The Team Captain of NSEL30 team Virginijus Grabliauskas just informed me of their site, which is available in Lithuanian and English. See NSEL30 or check their link on the Team Web Sites and Logos page.

Also, thanks for Virginijus Grabliauskas for pointing out the web site for another group A-1 team Margiris. I have added an entry for them as well (their web site is in Lithuanian).

10.09.2006: Update of unfinished games

The unfinished games for the groups have been recalculated. The updated numbers have been added to the table below in an added column shown in blue.

15.08.2006: Announcement by Valer Eugen Demian, end of event

Dear friends,

We are monitoring closely the last part of 2004-2006 season. Based on the count done by Franklin, here is the latest situation:

Group Finished Left 10.09
A1 179 / 220 41 38
A2 187 / 220 33 28
B1 206 / 220 14 12
B2 207 / 220 13 12
B3 186 / 220 34 27
B4 201 / 220 19 15
C1 201 / 220 19 16
C2 208 / 220 12 11
C3 204 / 220 16 12
C4 213 / 220 7 7
C5 208 / 220 12 11
Group Finished Left 10.09
C6 215 / 220 5 4
D1 211 / 220 9 5
D2 201 / 220 19 19
D3 214 / 220 6 4
D4 212 / 220 8 7
D5 206 / 220 14 13
D6 211 / 220 9 6
D7 165 / 180 15 10
FT1 79 / 84 5 4
FT2 76 / 84 8 8
Total 3990 / 4308 318 269

318 unfinished games is an extremely high number, with a high percentage of those games deciding qualifications/ relegations for the next season. For the time being it is impossible to deal with so many potential games for adjudication. The potential closing date for this season is currently December 1st, 2006. However this date is subject to change as needed.

Please allow me to ask for players interested in acting as volunteer adjudicators, since we are approaching this stage of the season! Requirements for potential candidates are: titled players, minimum rating of 2500. Send your offers by email directly to me.

Would like to remind everyone that any questions, suggestions, corrections or opinions you might have about ICCF-CL, can be directed to me at anytime. Thank you!

-- Valer Eugen Demian (NTTC)

3.08.2006: "Best Team Web Site"

The prestigious judging panel has turned in their selections and the final scores have been tabulated and double checked/confirmed by the judges. The "Best Team Web Site" prize has been awarded to the Four Wise Arbiters web site.

For a full report read Best Team Web Sites

Our generous sponsor has provided a Best Team Web Sites Press Release concerning this award and also reminded us that the "Best Game" competition is coming up in the near future. Please start selecting your best game and annotating it so you can send it for consideration for this prize. See Prize Announcement for a full description of the prize fund. An announcement giving specific submission details will be posted here in the future.

23.07.2006: Nomenclature change (this is "Season 2")

In order to avoid confusion and bring the Champions League into line with server terminology this season will be referred to as Season 2 and next season will be Season 3. The Qualifying season was Season 1.

11.07.2006: TD Thomas Schmelz on leave

Thomas Schmelz, tournament director for groups C2, C3 and C4, will be on leave 11-25 July 2006.

27.05.2006: 87.6 % of all games now finished

3774 games of 4308 total have now finished (87.6%). Many boards are nearing completion, and three have already finished (B2-2, C5-4, D1-2). There are only 534 games still going (or unreported).

25.05.2006: Updates to groups C-5 and C-6

The new TD for groups C-5 and C-6 has made some updates to the server versions of the tables and these results have also been added to the tables on this site. If the Team Captains have additional results or corrections, please email them to TD Laurent Tinture. Due to a missing feature on the server, the tables on the server for the team standings still show an incorrect TD. An update to the server is being tested and will soon allow Mr. Tinture's name to be placed on the team table pages.

For a photo of our new TD, who graciously took over C-5 and C-6, see Support Team.

22.05.2006: TD Raymond Boger at FIDE Chess Olympiads in Turin

GM Raymond Boger, TD for all the server groups in the Champions League, will be in Torino, Italy to observe the Chess Olympiad and takes a leave 20-May-2006 to 1-June-2006.

GM Boger is also the editor and publisher of the ICCF on-line magazine ICCF Amici. The lastest issue was just published and includes a story about the CL Best Team Logo contest.

21.05.2006: Laurent Tinture replaces Phillipe Pansier as TD for groups C5 and C6

Dear chessfriends,

Mr Phillipe Pansier (TD for groups C5 and C6) is replaced effective immediately! His replacement is Mr. Laurent Tinture (France) with contact email address: laurent.tinture@ajec-echecs.org

ALL Team Captains (TC) from these groups are requested to immediately contact Mr Tinture, updating him with their current email addresses. Once Mr Tinture confirms your messages, please provide him with all results not shown on our website. Also, provide him with all outstanding claims (and proofs) not solved by Mr Pansier to date. Do not write to Mr Pansier anymore. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Valer Eugen Demian
Vancouver, BC, Canada

9.05.2006: TD/TO Guide published
The webmaster of this site has just published the server TD/TO Guide. This document is meant to help tournament directors and tournament organizers to perform their duties using the facilities of the ICCF webserver.

18.03.2006: CL Email crosstables now link to server
All email CL crosstables now have a link to the server version of the same crosstable. In time the server versions may be more up to date than the versions at this site. For now the server versions aren't completely reliable.

Thanks to our special consultant (and TD) Frank Goebert for updating the macros used to generate these crosstables.

17.03.2006: CL Email section crosstables now on server
Recently the ICCF event crosstables have been created on the ICCF server using data from the ratings database in Eloquery. This means only results reported for the last rating period (finished by 31.12.2005) were included, and some information, like team names, were not included. There will be a transition period while the server tables are updated and the system for maintaining them is worked out.

For now, the regular crosstables will be maintained on this site. The Tournament Directors are asked to continue sending results to the webmaster for updating the current tables. You can view the new server crosstables using the links on this page: Server Crosstables. They may be out of date for a few weeks.

1.03.2006: 235 players finished schedule
As of today 3383/4308 of the games have finished (78.5%). Of the 888 players participating, 235 players have finished all their games (26.5%).

19.02.2006: Free 2-game server matches
If you have played in either Champions League season and haven't had the opportunity to play on the server yet, Gino Figlio has arranged to allow you to play an unrated match on the server free. Please see the Free Server Match Announcement / Match gratuito en el servidor.

18.02.2006: Opinions by players not wishing to play be server
A number of people have provided reasons to vote "no" to a "server only" Champions League next season. Their comments are posted on the Voted No page. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

10.02.2006: Sections C-2, C-3, C-4 being updated
Our Tournament Director Thomas Schmelz has returned from medical leave and has resumed sending updates for the C-2, C-3, C-4 on-line tables today. It may take a little time to catch up with all results.

3.02.2006: Reasons Wanted for not playing on server
So far the poll indicates about 20% of the players would refuse to play in the Champions League, if it were played only on the server. I have set up a page to list the reasons people either can't play on the server or choose not to play on the server.

If you have voted "No" in the poll, please send me your reason(s). Please keep it simple. I won't reply to each email, but I will list your reasons on the web page. [Note: special email address for sending your "No" reasons has been removed. Reasons received have been posted on the Voted No page.]

30.01.2006: "Best Team Logo"

Alpine Rookies

Our prestigious panel of judges has made the decisions and our sponsor has prepared an announcement. Congratulations to the winner of the "Best Team Logo" competition. The judges have selected the top two logos for each League and the best overall team logo. For full information read:

Winners of "Best Team Logo"

Best Team Logo Sponsor's Message

30.01.2006: CL Qualifying Season Finished
Tournament Director Frank Geider has just reported the final result for section Q04 . All 4840 games are now officially finished. Thanks to everyone who was part of this wonderful first season of the Champions League! All the tables are currently available in the archive. See Qualifying Season Index.

20.01.2006: Player Poll for Next Season
A poll was just added to this site to ask the important question: "Will you play in the next season if ICCF-CL goes exclusively on the server?" Please register your answer right now. Click on "Yes" or "No" and then click "Vote Now!" To see the current vote counts click the "View Stats" link.

There is a good chance that all games will be played on the server in the next Champions League season, so your input is important. If you are not familiar with the ICCF server see the ICCF Server Tutorial. Most people who have played on the server really like it. It is so much easier to play by server than by email.

18.01.2006: 71.7% of CL games now completed
3089 games results have been reported to the webmaster out of 4308 total games. 71.7% of the games have been completed.

16.01.2006: New photo on CL Support Team page
There is a new photo posted on the Support Team page of our B2-3-4 Tournament Director Tom Mirbach. Check out the new photo of "Tom Mirbach at the board.".

5.01.2006: All 2005 results reported to Ratings Commissioner
The tournament directors have provided all results reported to them by 31.12.2005. These results have been sent to the ICCF Ratings Commissioner Gerhard Binder to use in the next rating list. Any results reported after 31.12.2005 will be rated for the 1.01.2006-30.06.2006 rating period.

1.01.2006: CL Sponsor Issues Press Release
The sponsor sends New Year's greetings to the players and organizers of the Champions League. Congratulations to IPV ("Investiciju portfeliu valdymas") and its managed fund "ZPR US Small Cap Value Fund" for a very successful year. They have issued a press release about the performance of their fund. There is a link to it under "Sponsors & Prizes" in the right column.

See December 2005 Press Release.

Entries to the "Best Team Logo" contest are closed.

30.12.2005: New Team Logo
The Norsemen team has submitted their logo in time for the competition. See: New team logo.

27.12.2005: New Team Logo
The Les Mousquetaires du Roi team has submitted their logo in time for the competition. See: New team logo.

24.12.2005: Seasons Greetings!
Whether you celebrate Hanakkuh, Kwanzaa, Christmas or Solstice Festival, the entire CL Support Team wishes you the best of the season and a Happy New Year!

12.12.2005: Gino Figlio TD Leave
Gino Figlio (USA), Tournament Director for groups D2, D3, D4, D5, will be on leave and unavailable starting 13.12.2005. He will resume his TD duties on 17.12.2005.

9.12.2005: Team logo/website deadline approaches
The deadline for submitting team logos and team websites for consideration for a prize is approaching. To be considered they must be on the Team Logos/Links page by 31.12.2005. The logos will be judged shortly after 31.12.2005. The team web sites will be judged after 30.06.2006 to allow for additional content, but the web site must be submitted by 31.12.2005 to be considered.

See Logo/Web Site Judging for full information. Note that there is a 100 USD prize for the Best Team Logo and for the Best Team Web Site.

20.11.2005: 62% Games Finished
2670 / 4308 (62.2%) of all CL games are now finished. Also, 74 players and one team have completed their playing schedules.

19.11.2005: TD Raymond Boger Back On-line
GM Raymond Boger is back on-line and can resume handling his TD duties in the CL.

17.11.2005: TD Raymond Boger Off-line
GM Raymond Boger, tournament director for the CL server groups B-1, C-1, D-1 and FT-1, has informed me that his computer is not working. Therefore, he may be unable to reply to emails for several days.

3.11.2005: New title for Champions League Official
Besides Frank Geider (see below) I just learned that our chief CL official Valer Eugen Demian (CAN) (who serves as the Non-Title Tournaments Commissioner) has received his International Arbiter title. Congratulations to IA Demian!

2.11.2005: News from ICCF Congress
Congratulations to CL Tournament Director Frank Geider (FRA) on being appointed ICCF World Tournament Director (WTD). The new officials are:

President ... Med Samraoui (ALG)
Financial Director & DE Coordinator ... Michael Millstone (USA)
World Tournament Director ... Frank Geider (FRA)
Games Archivist ... George Pyrich (SCO)
Marketing Director ... Claudio Goncalves (ARG)

3.10.2005: Tournament Update ... 51% finished
After ten months of play 51.25% of the games have finished (2208/4308).

3.09.2005: Tournament Update ... 45% finished
After nine months of play we have finished 45% of the games (1938/4308). The leading groups in finished games are FT-2 67.9% (57/84) and D-4 66.4% (146/220). Of the server groups, the most advanced is D-1 with 53.6% (118/220).

3.08.2005: On-line tables updated
The webmaster has resumed updating the on-line (non-server) tables. All results reported by the tournament directors during the webmaster leave have now been recorded in the tables.

ALFA Team has a new web site. The link has been added to the Logos/Links page.

24.07.2005: Webmaster on leave
The Champions League Webmaster will be on leave 26.07.2005 through 2.08.2005. During this period the on-line non-server tables will not be updated. Updating will resume on 3.08.2005.

28.06.2005: Server Tutorial now available
For those playing on the server or thinking about trying out the superb ICCF webserver, there is now a tutorial available describing how to use the server. See ICCF Server Tutorial.

20.06.2005: CL Sponsor Issues Press Release
The sponsor of the Champions League has issued a press release about the performance of their fund. This results in the prizes being increased! See June 2005 Press Release.

12.06.2005: Over 27% of Games Now Finished
1175 games are now recorded as finished in the crosstables (out of 4308 total games in the competition). Section D-2 has completed the most games with 96 (43+%).

11.06.2005: Logos/Links Page Updated
The Team Logos/Links page has been updated with a complete index at the top. Also, a new entry has been made for Les Mousquetaires du Roi.

3.06.2005: Guestbook at Champions League!
At the suggestion of Eugen Demian today I added a Guestbook to this web site. If you have something to say to the CL community please email your comments and they will be added to this page. There is a permanent link to the Guestbook in the left column.

1.06.2005: Promotion/Relegation System Announcement
World Tournament Director (acting) Pedro F. Hegoburu and Non-Title Tournaments Commissioner Valer Eugen Demian have announced the system to be used for promotion/relegation of teams to the 2006-2008 CL season. See Promotion/Relegation System.

13.05.2005: Title Norms Changed for A1-3
From Frank GEIDER, Champions League "A" TD:
"ICCF Qualifications Commissioner ruling:
Mr.Cranbourne substitution has an impact on board category and norm since the new player has about 400 ELO points less than Mr.Cranbourne. The new average ELO is 2408 (Cat VII)."
GM norm 8
SIM norm 6.5
IM norm 6

7.05.2005: Welcome Kieran!
Congratulations to Mr. Thomas Matheis (SCO) (C2-bd 3), team captain of Schachfreunde St.Wendel, on the birth of his second child on 5.05.2005, a son Kieran. I hear that he is over 4000 g. Thanks to his teammate for the news.

5.05.2005: Fortune Teller
The Fortune Teller has returned! Our anonymous psychic (known as Darth Cugel) has returned from the Qualifying season to make predictions about the current season. Read his thoughts about the League A groups and watch for his future musings on other groups and future developments. Does he "know all and see all" or is he a crazed lunatic? Time will tell. Check out his first installment-01. All installments will be listed under the "Fortune Teller" label in the left navigation area of this page.

4.05.2005: Title Norms Correction for A2-bd1
Dear friends,
ICCF Rating Commissioner and ICCF Qualifications Commissioner have clarified the correct rating of GM Pinkovetsky (division A2, board 1) to the value of 2654. As a result of this correction the category for this board has changed to XII and norms are: GM = 6 points, SIM = 5 points and IM = 4 points. Thank you!
ICCF-CL Support team

23.03.2005: Title Norms Corrections
The Lady title norms have been added to the table for C3-bd3.

The title norms for A1-bd2 have been corrected (they now agree with the values supplied by Qualifications Commissioner Eric Ruch) . Please note that unrated players in groups A1 and A2 have been assigned ratings of 2400 for rating calculation purposes. However, the title norms are calculated using 2200 for the unrated players, which leads to different norms than would be obtained from using the displayed average ratings. This currently affects three boards: A1-2, A1-4, A2-2.

20.03.2005: CL Qualifying Season Nears Completion
Qualifying Season TD Wes Underwood reports: "All 5 tournament groups for which I was TD should now be complete... Q16 - Q20". This leaves only three games unfinished out of the 4840 total games in the Qualifying Season. Thanks to Wes Underwood for his excellent service to the Champions League!

19.03.2005: Joachim Zunke ... Rest in Peace

Dear chessfriends,
As team captain of Zitadelle Spandau C I have the sad duty to inform you of a tragic incident: our board 4 (D2-4), Joachim Zunke, has died after a short, serious sickness. We lose a good friend. ...
Best regards,
Andreas Kötz

18.03.2005: Title Norms Calculations
There have been some questions about the title norms recently published. Qualification Commissioner Eric Ruch (FRA) has stated that some norms are different than indicated by the average ratings due to unrated players. For instance, for League A2 bd. 2 there are two players listed with 2400 ratings. For the purpose of calculating norms, these unrated players are assigned ratings of 2200.

15.03.2005: Title Norms in Champions League
Qualification Commissioner Eric Ruch (FRA) has provided title norm requirements for all CL groups. CL Consultant/Technical Expert Frank Goebert (USA) has added this information to the Excel tables used to generate the on-line tables. The Webmaster J. Franklin Campbell has generated new web pages for all email groups and uploaded them to the site. Thanks to Non-Title Tournaments Commissioner Valer Eugen Demian (CAN) for coordinating obtaining this information and providing it for posting. TD Ramond Boger's server crosstables also contain title norm information.

6.03.2005: New Rating List Now Available
Once again our Ratings Commissioner Gerhard Binder (GER) has made the new semi-annual rating list available early. It is effective for events started from 1.04.2005 through 1.10.2005 and rates all games finished and reported by 31.12.2004.

To download the excellent Eloquery software or PDF file of ratings, go to the ICCF web page and click on "Ratings and Titles" along the top navigation bar or click here.

Note that for rating results of this event, the player ratings in the list effective 1.10.2004 are used, and the ratings from that list are shown in the crosstables.

7.02.2005: 137 Game Results Recorded
As we start the third month of competition 137 game results have been recorded in the CL crosstables, including the results automatically recorded in the server crosstables. All but section A-1 have at least one finished game. 14 games are completed in section D-2 while 12 games are finished in sections B-2, B-4 and C-1. Players and team members are encouraged to check the crosstables on a regular basis to confirm results are recorded properly. If there are any mistakes please contact your tournament director immediately. Your TD's and webmaster are working hard to keep the crosstables updated quickly and accurately.

1.02.2005: Judging Criteria Posted for Best Logo/Best Web Site
Our Champions League Sponsors (see Prize Announcement) recently added prizes for the Best Team Logo and Best Team Web Site. With the Sponsor's approval, the criteria for judging these two new prizes have now been posted. All team logos and web sites listed on the Team Logos/Links page will be consider, with a few exceptions. If you want to be considered, you must have your team logo and/or link to your web site listed on that page.

Teams still have plenty of time to create a logo and web site. Logos and web sites must be submitted by 31.12.2005. For full information see: Judging Criteria for Best Team Logo and Best Team Web Site.

5.01.2005: ICCF Web Site Updated
The ICCF Web Site has some notable updates. The "live" display regulations have been moved from the Code of Conduct to the Tournament Rules (see the new link at the right). New playing rules have also been posted, but the Champions League will continue under the old rules previously announced (see links at right for rules pages). Note that the updated Tournament Rules do apply to the CL (see section 11 for the "live" display rules). Also, the 2004 Mumbai Congress minutes are now available for download from the ICCF site. You can also read out-going ICCF President Josef Mrkvicka's closing message.

4.01.2005: Champions League Enters New Year
The CL enters the new year of 2005. We already have a total of 28 finished games for the rating period ending 31.12.2004. Not bad for one month of play.

24.12.2004: Season's Greetings!

The entire Champions League Support Team wishes each of you an enjoyable holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

22.12.2004: New Email Address for Tournament Director
Frank Goebert, who is directing groups D-6, D-7 and FT-2, has replaced his email address with a new one. His new email address is: td-frank.goebert@gmx.net

The tables and other pages containing his email address have been updated.

21.12.2004: Contact List for Tournament Directors
There is a new page on this site listing the tournament directors for each section and providing their email addresses. It is listed in the right navigation bar under the title "CL Support Team".
See Contact TD.

A number of results have been reported. Team Captains are reminded that 31.12.2004 is the end of a rating period. Please be sure all finished games are reported promptly to your TD.

9.12.2004: Crosstables Updated
Now that the crosstables are all available updating has begun. Several names have been corrected and a few game results are now posted. Check your team information carefully to insure everything is correct. For now tables are being updated as quickly as possible ... a regular schedule may be announced later if it becomes necessary when the volume of results increases.

6.12.2004: All Crosstables Now Posted
Thanks to CL Consultant and TD Frank Goebert for his excellent work developing the crosstables for this season and to Eugen Demian and all the tournament directors for solving the many problems involved with last minute changes on the teams and getting Frank all the correct information. The crosstables are now available for viewing ... see the links in the left navigation bar. In the near future a regular updating schedule will be announced (the server tables are automatically kept up to date by the server). There are already two results posted in B2-2 and D5-1.

3.12.2004: Sponsorship announcement in Spanish
See Anuncio acerca de los Premios .

Prizes for Best Logo and Best Team Web Site!
The Prize Announcement now includes two new prizes, for Best Team Logo and Best Team Web Site. Details for judging will be provided later. Only logos/web site links listed on the Team Logos/Links page will be eligible so start working on yours now and send them in.

1.12.2004: Champions League competition officially underway! First result reported.

Today is the official start date for the 2004-2006 Champions League competition! TD Thomas Mirbach has announced the first result:
ICCF-CL/0406/B2-2: Marusiak 1/2 Delavekouras

The (non-server) crosstables have not yet been posted but they should be available soon.

Updated Sponsor Announcement

The sponsorship announcement has been updated. Please read the New Sponsorship Announcement. A link to an English Language version for ZPR has been provided.

24.11.2004: New Links

Today I added two new links (see right panel) to items referenced in the start documents sent to the Team Captains. The links are to information about the Appeals Commission and the Guide to Numeric Notation. These items are also available on the main ICCF web site. Note: Chris Lüers' World Tournament Director (WTD) site also added on 25.11.2004).

The crosstables for the email groups are nearing completion. Most players should have their assignments by now, but there is a continuing problem with bad email addresses and email servers not accepting emails with attachments. These issues are being sorted out by the tournament directors.

Team logos continue to arrive. There are a good number of team logos on the Logos/Links page now, including Champagne Chess, which arrived just today.

16.11.2004: New CL Season Gets Green Light!

"Today, Nov 16th, we have been given the green light for the new season. Email groups will be played under the old version of Email Playing Rules. Those playing by server will be playing based on the provisional Server Rules established before Mumbai 2004. The main reason for this is the new rules voted in Mumbai 2004 will be in effect starting 01.01.2005 It was not desirable to delay the start one more month. Please be so kind and wait for your assignment packages. We are fixing some unexpected glitches such as computer failures, or travels of TDs to another continent. You will receive the assignments! Some minor details such as webtables of all groups and norms for each board will be sorted out as soon as possible. Some delegates and Commissioners have just got back home after the Congress and they do their best to clear the backlog of tasks. If you need any information of lesser importance, please consider asking for it after Dec 1st, 2004. Thank you! On behalf of the ICCF-CL Support team I wish you good games and an enjoyable season!" -- Eugen Demian

(Webmaster note: crosstable links in the left navigation bar will be added as crosstables become available. Four server group crosstable pages marked * are now ready. Links to the ICCF server and to the server help page with the Interim Rules have been added to the right navigation bar.)

13.11.2004: An announcement from Eugen Demian

"Division A, B and all server groups assignments have been finished. You should receive your assignments in these groups in the next few days. Division C and D assignments will follow soon, but they might reach you closer to Dec 1st, 2004. The main undecided issue is which Email Playing Rules should be used for the new season: the old ones, or the new ones voted in Mumbay 2004. We do not have an official version of the new ones just yet, plus it looks like they come into effect on 01.01.2005. A final decision will be announced as soon as it is detemined. Also, we do not yet have the server rules available!

"Please refrain from sending any changes to your team lineups until you receive the assignments from your TDs; then you can get in touch directly with them. Last but not least we cannot accept additional requests from teams to switch from email to server play. It is too late to make any additional changes."

01.11.2004: Qualifying Season Appeal Decision
One adjudicated game result was appealed. A strong ICCF GM confirmed the original decision in Q16-4: Parushev 1/2 Moncher. That result stands and the qualifying positions remain unchanged. Adjudications

27.10.2004: Three more "D" teams needed to play on server
The divisions are just about finalized. Only Division "D" still needs at least three teams to switch from email to server play. See the announcement and notify Eugen if your "D" team is ready to play by server. You won't be sorry, since the server is a superior way to play cc.

By the way, a number of teams have sent their logos for the Team Logos/Links page. Be sure to send yours ... and the link to your team web page. Check out some of the other team web sites ... perhaps your team should have its own! The logos added for the new season so far are:

Several divisions: Rochade 5171
"B" - GXP, Travertin, Forster SC 95, Gaia
"C" - Latvians, Magic4
"D" - Krosno, Malaga64, Spessart Rottweiler, Knight Fighters, Moa CC Torino, Mitropa, Chess64, Intl Classic Team
"Fast Track" - Four Wise Arbiters

26.10.2004: List of Teams Updated Again
Eugen Demian has updated the list of teams playing this season ... Please note the two special requests for teams in Divisions B & D to move to server play. The server games WILL NOT be displayed "live". See Full Announcement.

19.10.2004: Logos Page Updated
I have attempted to fix the Team Logos/Links page. I deleted teams not in the current Teams List and retained logos/links from the Qualifying Season for teams playing again. Please notify the Webmaster if you have corrections or additions.

16.10.2004: List of Teams Updated
Eugen Demian has updated the list of teams playing this season ... there are now 221 teams registered. See Full Announcement.

15.10.2004: Four Wise Arbiters Logo Received
The logo for League "D" qualifier Four Wise Arbiters has been received.

14.10.2004: List of teams, New start date
Eugen Demian has prepared a complete list of teams entered in the new CL season 2004-2006. Also he has announced a new start date of 1.12.2004. Please read his Full Announcement for important information about the new season.

13.10.2004: New Logos Page
Though it undoubtedly contains many errors, which will be corrected, the Team Logos/Links page for the new 2004 season has been launched.

12.10.2004: Knight Fighters Team Logo Received
The logo for League "D" qualifier Knight Fighters has been received.

11.10.2004: Calendar of Events
A link has been added to the ICCF Calendar of Events.

06.10.2004: Magic4 Team Logo Received
The new logo for League "C" qualifier Magic4 has been received.

05.10.2004: Team Logos Received
The new logo for the team Fernschachfreunde Rochade 5171 and the Forster SC 95 logo have been received. If your team has a logo and/or a team web site, please notify me. There will be a links/logos page for the First Season in the near future. All logos received will be posted there.

01.10.2004: Team Registration Closed
Registrations for the 2004-2006 season are over. Next week we will publish a list of all officially registered teams.

24.09.2004: Team Pegas of Group 16 to appeal.
Pegas has announced it intends to appeal the adjudication in Group 16 that moved it to League D. A win on appeal would move them to League C. The appeal must be officially made by 4 October 2004.

20.09.2004: All Qualifiers Now Determined. The final adjudication has been finished and all teams in the Qualification Season have determined their places. Some teams may yet be able to move up due to teams not using their qualifying positions. All qualifying positions are listed on the Qualifiers Page.

17.09.2004: Entry Date Extended Engen Demian has announced the extension of the deadline for entering teams to play in the new season of the CL. Entries must be received by 30 September 2004. There are already over 200 teams entered, but there is still room for more. Don't forget the $5,000 prize fund. To enter see the FAQ and send in your entry form.

6.09.2004: Moa Chess Club Torino (ITA) has sent its team logo and web site link for the new season. It has been added to the Links & Logos page for the Qualifying Season.

27.08.2004: Team Entry Form
If you haven't entered your team yet, please do so soon. There is a new link at the top left of this page for displaying the entry form in a separate window. Everyone is encouraged to read the FAQ (rules of the competition) for this 1st regular season.

15.08.2004: First New Team Logo Received
International Classic Team (GER) has sent its team logo for the new season. It has been added to the Links & Logos page for the Qualifying Season. Soon I'll be setting up a new page just for the teams entered in the 2004-2006 First Season. After you enter your team, send your team logo and/or URL for your team web site to the CL Webmaster.

14.08.2004: US$5,000 Prize Fund Announced
Pedro Hegoburu has announced sponsorship for the Champions League by ZPR US Small Cap Value Fund and NSEL30 INDEX FUND. Go to the Full Announcement.

14.08.2004: Qualifiers Pages Updated
The Qualifiers for 2004-2006 pages have been updated to show all the confirmations received, except for three teams which have not qualified to specific leagues yet. King's Defenders (DE) of Group 16 and Chess Allies (AUS) of Group 18 have confirmed participation. Wicked Bishops (USA) of Group 18 has declined to play.

29.07.2004: New FAQ Posted!
"We are ready for all teams interested in playing in the first season 2004-2006. Please read carefully the FAQ covering it and pay attention to the following new or modified rules: FAQ 4, 8, 27, 30-34 and 36. Returning teams which have already sent in their line-ups need only to advise if they wish to be considered for Fast Track. Any questions, comments, clarifications please do not hesitate to write me!"
-- Valer Eugen Demian

(Note: a new link has been added at the upper left of this page to the Direct Entry facility. Thanks to John Knudsen for providing this service.)

19.07.2004: Reminder: Confirming play for the 2004-2006 season was/is required to clarify if there will be any teams withdrawing. Registration for the 2004-2006 season (with complete team list) is different. You cannot play without being registered! See the First Season Announcement. Here is a repeat of an earlier announcement by Valer Eugen Demian concerning this registration: "Registrations for the new season start July 1st, 2004. Please follow the posted schedule at all times! When submitting your team list as per FAQ 27 from "First Season Announcement" document, please mark if any of your team players is a female. This will help us calculate title norm requirements. Any other question, please direct them to me. Thank you!"

15.07.2004: Announcement from CL Office:
Dear chessfriends,
The adjudication process is going on slowly, but surely. Things affecting the process are:

  • players sending their analysis in all games except one in the last days of June (even July 1st)
  • analysis being sent to us in several formats instead of the simple text format
  • analysis sent to us in different than English languages
  • the complexity of of the positions needing adjudication

We will do our best to finalise it in a timely manner and begin registrations for the new season. An important announcement about the new season will follow shortly. Your patience is very much appreciated. Thank you!
Yours, Eugen

17.06.2004: Group 10 has now finished play. MagnitChess (RUS) 19.0 has qualified to League "C" while The President's Chessmen 19.0 (SCO) goes to League "D" based on tie-break points.
10.06.2004: The Correspondence Chess Message Board (TCCMB) has moved to a new location (a new link is provided at the bottom of the left navigation bar on this page). Unfortunately, this wiped out the existing CL Team/Player Finder function. When (and if) a new facility is created there will be an announcement here. I suggest just posting a message on TCCMB if you are looking for a team/player.
07.06.2004: "Registrations for the new season start July 1st, 2004. Please follow the posted schedule at all times! When submitting your team list as per FAQ 27 from "First Season Announcement" document, please mark if any of your team players is a female. This will help us calculate title norm requirements. Any other question, please direct them to me. Thank you!"
- Valer Eugen Demian
04.06.2004: All four qualifiers pages A, B, C, D for the Qualifier Season have been updated to show new confirmations. All 22 teams qualified to League "A" have confirmed participation in the First Season.
02.06.2004: Congratulations to The Good Knights (GER), who just claimed the last League "A" spot edging out Blue Team (ITA) and Telaxoza (ROM) by ½ point in Group 13. All League "A" positions and all but three League "B" positions have now been filled.
02.06.2004: The former Team/Player facility has been shut down. To search for a team or player for your team, post a message on TCCMB (The Correspondence Chess Message Board) in the existing topic "CL Team/Player Finder".
01.06.2004: This new web site for the Champions League First Season (2004-2006) was officially launched today. 50 games remain unfinished in the Qualifying Season. 25 games, which affect the qualifications for the new season, are being called in for adjudication by July 1, 2004. The other games will continue without adjudication. To see which games must be submitted for adjudication, Click Here. The First Season Announcement has just been updated to describe the adjudication process.
30.05.2004: Prototype crosstable page added for Group A-1. This is a work in progress which will be used for exchange of ideas and refinement. The other crosstable links are dummy links.
28.05.2004: One finished game decided the final two team qualifications for Group 22 for League "C" and League "D". Group 4, Group 10, and Group 16 have also had updates for leagues "C" and "D".
18.05.2004: Initial version of Hall of Fame and 2004 Awards pages added to site.
14.05.2004: John Knudsen has set up a forum to allow players to find teams and teams to find players for this new CL season. If you are looking for a team or player, post a message on the Champions League Team/Player Finder.
9.05.2004: The Qualifier pages for all four leagues have been updated again. Many teams have confirmed their intention to play in the First Season. Only 70 games remain open in the Qualifying Season.
30.04.2004: GM Raymond Boger (NOR) has joined the CL team as a webmaster. Welcome to the team, Raymond!
28.04.2004: Frank Goebert (USA) has joined the CL team as our Excel and automation expert. Frank will make our table updates faster and more accurate. Thanks, Frank!
28.04.2004: Philippe Pansier (FRA) joined the CL team as a TD, replacing Wes Underwood (USA). Thanks to Wes for his service, and welcome to Philippe to the team!
20.04.2004: The Qualifier pages for all four leagues have been updated.
29.01.2004: The First Season Announcement posted.
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